Screening: The Owls, Duke’s at Komedia, Thursday 16th May

The workshop Queer, Feminist Social Media Praxis, Eyes Wide Open Cinema,and the Centre for the Study of Sexual Dissidence



followed by Q&A with the producer, Alex Juhasz
Duke’s at the Komedia, Thursday 16th May, at 6.30pm


owls_MA_cricket_poolA funny, mysterious and humane generational anthem, THE OWLS is an experimental thriller/film noir about four “Older-Wiser-Lesbians” who accidentally kill a young lesbian and try to get away with it. Raised in the shadow of “pathological lesbian” films like THE FOX, THE CHILDREN’S HOUR and THE KILLING OF SISTER GEORGE, the OWLs once embraced the utopian vision of Lesbian Nation. Now, approaching middle age, the revolution has eluded their dreams. Caught between a culture that still has no place for them, and a younger generation indifferent to their contributions, the OWLs face an emotionally complex set of circumstances that have yet to be compassionately and truthfully addressed.

owls_MA_iris_houseTHE OWLS’ screenplay is by Sarah Schulman (best known for her novels AFTER DELORES and PEOPLE IN TROUBLE), is based on a story by writer/director/professor Cheryl Dunye (THE WATERMELON WOMAN, SHE DON’T FADE, STRANGER INSIDE), and stars some of the most popular underground artists in Lesbian Cinema, including Guinevere Turner (GO FISH, The L Word, AMERICAN PSYCHO), V.S. Brodie (GO FISH), Lisa Gornick (TICK-TOCK LULLABYE) and Deak Evgenikos (The ITTY BITTY TITTY COMMITTE).

owls_RS_Cheryl_Dunye2010 | USA | 66 min.

Director Cheryl Dunye
Writers Sarah Schulman, Cheryl Dunye
Producers Candi Guterres, Ernesto M. Foronda, Alexandra Juhasz, Augusta Einarsdottir, Cheryl Dunye
Co-Producers Molly Sturdevant, Skip Snow
Cinematographer Alison Kelly
Cast Guinevere Turner, V.S. Brodie, Lisa Gornick, Deak Evgenikos



Keynote profile: Dr Alexandra Juhasz

We are pleased to confirm the keynote speaker for the workshop Queer, feminist and social media, Dr Alexandra Juhasz, Professor of Media Studies, Pitzer College. Dr. Juhasz has written multiple articles on feminist, fake, and AIDS documentary. Her current work is on and about YouTube, and other more radical uses of digital media. She has produced the feature films, The Owls, and The Watermelon Woman, as well as nearly fifteen educational documentaries on feminist issues like teenage sexuality, AIDS, and sex education.

Her first book, AIDS TV: Identity, Community and Alternative Video (Duke University Press, 1996) is about the contributions of low-end video production to political organizing and individual and community growth. Her second book is comprised of transcribed interviews from her documentary about feminist film history, Women of Vision, with accompanying introductions (Minnesota University Press). Her third book, F is for Phony: Fake Documentary and Truth’s Undoing,edited with Jesse Lerner, is recently out from University of MN Press.

Dr. Juhasz’s innovative “video-book,” Learning from YouTube (2011), is recently published by the MIT Press. Her earlier digital effort is Media Praxis: A Radical Web-Site Integrating Theory, Practice and Politics. She blogs on this and other projects at