Sussex Gallery from Alex’s keynote

Alex Juhasz has put all the objects up (there were a lot of them) on the FOS site in the Sussex Gallery:

(hope you all take a peek).

Here is what Alex wrote:

I’d be interested and grateful to hear any of your thoughts, comments, concerns, criticisms about the “assignment” as a comment on the blog itself (or via email, or elsewhere), here’s where I asked you for it:

I write more extensively about this tactic here in an article on Fembot, if you are interested in more of my thinking:

“I hoped this process, and the site, would encourage feminists who I met in person to engage with me and my work more akin to how we might interact on the feminist-Internet (interactive, archived, accountable, mobile, resplendent with short little shared user-made objects). A room like the Internet; an Internet like a room. I love the many things that were made through these efforts, even as I can only think of them as exercises towards procedures of making feminist-things that I have yet to fully realize. The process was what mattered: the sense of excitement, shock, playfulness, worry, and community that was produced in each and every place along the road when I unmade academic protocol by asking audience members to respond to my scholarly talk by making something. Make they did, and many of the objects were quite extraordinary (especially given how quickly they were made), and all of them were generous and generative.”

Here’s the video I made for you all, too: