Seeing Red project at the Queer fem media praxis workshop (17 May, Sussex)

Seeing Red: Fur

I’m very happy that Anna and Johanna, the artists of the Seeing Red project, will be presenting their work at the Queer feminist social media praxis workshop (University of Sussex,  Friday 17th May). I find their images fascinating – unsettling, earthly and beautiful. And I’ve been following the blog from its very start – so I am very interested to hear them talk about the experience of maintaining a menstrual photography weblog.What they’ve prepared for the workshop sounds very intriguing:

Seeing Red is a fairly regular photography project and blog exploring menstruation. It deals with social norms, sexuality and art, and hopes to unify as well as disgust. For the workshop, we will initiate a conversation about realness and authenticity online, using our own work as a starting point. How does menstural activism translate into visual imagery, and how does it survive the squalor of the internet? For us, Seeing Red is about making visible the constant, but often hidden, experience of menstruation. It is recognising and reclaiming the visual strength and beauty in the accidental stain, the purposeful stain and the intimacy of blood.


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